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Burlington, ON

Printex Transparent Packaging is the largest clear folding box manufacturer in North America. In addition to clear “acetate boxes” as some people call them, we also provide clear rigid windows for paper folding boxes which we can glue into the box. Our clear boxes and window boxes provide product visibility, with beautiful graphics to produce maximum shelf presence and visual impact!

PTP is excited to be the first North American carton company to offer 100% post-consumer recycled plastic folding cartons sourced and manufactured in North America. Our total PCR offering will now consist of 3 products: Eco-PET 100, Eco-PET 50 & Eco-PET 25

Eco-PET 100 can help your company meet their Sustainability goals for 2025 and onwards!

PTP continues to innovate with state-of-the-art printing techniques, patented manufacturing technologies and sustainable materials.

We ship competitively across the US, Canada and into Mexico.

Call us today to put our designers to work showcasing your brand!


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