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Clear plastic boxes are one of the best ways for manufacturing companies to package their products. Many different companies use clear plastic boxes for different products from toys, to medical equipment. A clear box allows the customer to see the object inside and tell exactly what he is purchasing. Clear packaging also signals that the company is confident enough in its product that there are no secrets withheld from the customer with obstructive packaging.

There are many different choices to make in regards to the type of plastic used in packaging. Companies must decide what kind of plastic to use, whether to use biodegradable plastics, how thick the plastic should be, and many other decisions. One of the most important decisions that a factory can make is whether to use flexible or inflexible plastic boxes to contain their products. Each type of plastic has its own unique advantages and disadvantages that make it a good choice.

Rigid plastic: Rigid plastic provides more package stability than flexible plastic. It is ideal for use with products that could become damaged from weight or products that require extra support. The main drawbacks of rigid plastic are that it is more expensive, the boxes can crack during transportation, and it is harder for customers to dispose of rigid plastic boxes.

Flexible plastic: Flexible plastic boxes are used when companies wish to save money on packaging, yet still provide customers with high-quality packages. Flexible boxes are ideal for packaging materials that could become dirty if they had no packaging and are perfect for packaging a variety of consumer products. Flexible plastic is also lightweight and easy to dispose of. Flexible plastic does not have the support of rigid plastic, which means that it is not the ideal choice for delicate products.

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